PVC Skirting

Made from high quality PVC Compound. Perfect wall-to-floor protective base board. This extruded base features excellent flexibility, dimensional stability, precise gauging and uniform height. It’s everything you need to bring your flooring designs into the new millennium.


The moulding is formed by several sets of molds extrusion together, then be printed by imported printing machine. Combining functionality with good looks, is an outstanding selection for your choice. Germ repellent, fire retardant, and also resists most chemicals.

Germ Repellent Strip Design

Special germ repellent strip design, joining the wall and floor perfectly. The flexibility of the strip conceals irregularities in the floor and the wall, and keeps the water and germ away from the board, therefore, prolonging its application life. High hardness surface.

The PVC skirting boards produced by Blinds And Curtains Dubai represent an ideal solution for do-it-yourself installations, in fact their application requires the simple use of proper glues or steel clips, thus completely avoiding the use of screws and dowels.

  • The PVC skirting boards do not only stand out in terms of easy application, but also for their high resistance against shocks.   This resistance also applies with regards to the maintenance of the material, which does not require particular cares.
  • The PVC skirting boards are also used to finish surfaces covered with moquette, carrying out a double function: they decorate and allow to hide the perimetric dilation gap present in some floating floors.
  • The different tones and finishes of the PVC skirting boards render this article highly customizable and therefore compatible with different types of floors and environments.
  • If you are interested to know more about PVC skirting boards produced by Blinds And Curtains Dubai, you can get more information by clicking here or consult the PVC Line webpage product.
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