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Vinyl Floor Skirting

Vinyl Skirting Dubai – A Solution For You To Cherish

When looking the traditional glued down method, the modern Vinyl Skirting is designed to float freely as a whole. The natural movements of the Vinyl Skirting planks are so tiny that it is hardly felt beneath your feet.

Flooring gaps whether in newly constructed home or an old one are left uncovered unsightly. That’s when brings in the Vinyl Skirting Dubai, that is available with both financially and aesthetic purposes that complements your floorings We made available these skirting in amazing and reliable quality.

Benefits Of Vinyl Skirting Dubai

Here are some benefits of Vinyl Skirting dubai, provides

  • It might have happened that the markings of an old furniture are left behind on the wall. Just have a look on those marked areas and you will see that there is not any skirting done there. Vinyl Skirting dubaiprovides a functional gap between the furniture, flooring and the wall. This protection is important for a long term fresh look of your house or rooms walls.
  • You may have seen that your flooring of the house is not installed properly, and there are some visible gaps between the flooring and the wall. These gaps are intentionally created to accommodate expansion. This does give an odd look but then Vinyl Skirting Dubai plays its role ere. The Vinyl Skirting by ae covers up their gaps providing a seamless flow and prevents water too from seeping in as well.
  • Made of water proof material Vinyl Skirting Dubai ensures that the foundation of your floor and walls are not affected by any negative impact of the humidity and it also is resistant to termites as well
  • Vinyl Skirting Dubaihas a structure of a built n flexibility that accommodates proper airflow that may be necessary beneath the house space. A combination of solid panels along with the vented panel makes it ideal for easy exchange of the require air.
  • It is not pleasing when gaps are seen between the wall and floor junction, though it is normally constructed but it isn’t the look one want inside their space. Adding Vinyl Skirting can provide the appealing look the space deserves increasing the house worth if on sale. This crucial step is not to be neglected if you are planning to sell the property.
  • We are the one, can make perfect anti fire wallpapers. These are easy to deal with and also easy on pocket

Types Of Vinyl Skirting

  1. Pencil skirting
  2. Georgian skirting
  3. Edwardian skirting
  4. Antique skirting
  5. MDF skirting
  6. Victorian skirting
  7. Contemporary skirting
  8. Bullnose skirting

Molding can also be done according to the space requirements, that includes square, chamfered, pencil round, oval and torus. The designs could be craft out in variety of creative designs making a unique pattern of your choice that complements perfectly to your space interior and style.

About provides its customers with the satisfactory outcomes when it comes to vinyl skirting. As skirting being a crucial element for a room attire prioritizes the requisites by its customers along with an opinion from the experts after evaluating the space, this results in the perfect outcome enhancing the home attire. provides its customers with beneficial services at door step delivery that includes proper installation of the vinyl skirting all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The vinyl skirting system is the perfect solution to provide a clean, professional finishing touch on homes’ porches and enclosures. Create a beautifully clean look around your deck, patio and stairs, adding instant curb appeal. Ease of maintenance will enable you to keep it clean and fresh with a simple garden hose spray. The system structure has built-in flexibility to accommodate for airflow that may be required beneath the home. Simply intersperse solid panels with vented panels and the necessary air exchange is easily achieved. A small detail that will complete the look of your home.

  • Sanitary and easy to clean
  • Insect and vermin resistant
  • Easy to install; ideal for the do-it-yourselfer.
  • Duratron Vinyl Technology ensures durability and long lasting performance.
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