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Wall Skirting Dubai – A Life to Walls

Wall Skirting is the bottom border of the wall that covers the joint between the wall and floor. Wall Skirting protects the walls from abrasion as well as secures them from harmful chemical that is being used for floor cleaning. Usually Wall Skirting tiles are the same as of the floor but it is not necessary, it could be creative by having design tiles of similar base to enhance the look.

blindsandcurtainsdubai.ae provides you with the wall solution in the form of Wall Skirting Dubai that not only provides protection against hit and scrapes but also benefits you by providing a decorative edge to walls.

Benefits Of The Wall Skirting Dubai

A very important element of flooring finishing Wall Skirting Dubai serves many purposes.

  1. Hiding odd looks – nobody likes usual or excessive electrical wiring to hand around giving a messy look. Hiding it in the ceiling could create problems in future in case of repair but hiding the wiring in the Wall Skirting Dubai would be more practical and economical as they are made for this purpose.
  2. Preventing damage – Wall Skirting Dubai creates a barrier between the wall and the furniture. Preventing furniture to create any marks or ruining the painting of walls as being positioned with a gap.
  3. Decorative – Wall Skirting Dubai provides a room with a more finished look filling in the gaps between the floor and the walls. Wall Skirting have decorative molding and so they decorate the room as well. Wall Skirting Dubai boards can be painted too, to provide a unifying look
  4. Structural support – Wall Skirting Dubai not only keeps children and animals away and prevent damage to the walls it also provides stability to the structure, providing integrity to it. The material is also highly durable and promotes proper weight distribution.
  5. Insulating layer – Wall Skirting has one of the best feature and that is it saves you from spending ample amount of money and saves a ton, thus being a onetime investment it provides functionality in long term. It reduces your monthly expenses of electrical appliances that you used to regulate the room temperature, the room gets warmer in the winters and cooler in the summers that shows its excellent insulating capacity.
  6. Sale and resale value – no one comes to look at a property for ale if it is not aesthetically much pleasing. And a house that features huge gap on its undersection? Even you might not consider buying it. So adding Wall Skirting Dubai is the best option if you are opting to put your property on sale any time soon.

Material Types Available For Wall Skirting

  • Hardwood
  • Stone
  • Vinyl
  • Poured concrete

The designs crafted out of it is versatile and could go along a wide style of traditional or contemporary interiors.

Blindsandcurtainsdubai.ae Best Choice For You

Wall skirting Dubai being one of the durable and last longer product, hides wall surface imperfection. Our experts creates such designs which promote classy look to the wall

Wall Skirting provides a beautiful lining to the borders of the panels at the bottom. It also helps in avoiding damage done to the panels when heavy material is moved in the lift cabin. Skirting are available in Sheet metal in MS Powder painted, SS No.4 hairline finish, SS 8K Mirror Finish, SS 8K Mirror Gold and Aluminum flat.

We’re a relied on call of the enterprise recognized for presenting to our customers a huge spectrum of wall skirting. Incredibly acclaimed for his or her tremendous pattern and designs, these provided merchandise are made making use of top-rated grade fabric and innovative equipment and equipment. Moreover, we examine the whole series on more than one grounds before final dispatch to hold their flawlessness at our customers’ cease.


  • durable
    • corrosion resistant
    • excessive energy
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